Direct Facts About Medicare Advantage Plans – Part C `

Medicare Advantage plans and Part C plans are the same. To enroll in Medicare Part C, you must first enroll in Medicare Parts A and B. The same restrictions and guidelines that determine who is eligible for parts A and B also apply to all those who apply for part C. This plan is provided by Medicare, it is provided through an independent insurance provider. Parts A and B are paid through the Medicare fund, which is funded by Social Security taxes and budget allocations. While Part C is not separate from Medicare, this plan gives you more freedom to choose who manages your insurance and what rewards you receive.

What part C insures?

medicare advantage plansMedicare Advantage plan or Part C plans differ slightly depending on the firm you end up with insurance in; however, most providers offer plans to insure hospital stays, nursing homes, and home visits related to medications. The same rewards of Medicare A and B plans are usually provided by companies that specialize in these private health plans. While this is true, each insurance firm sets its own rules, premiums and restrictions. For some, this may be a disadvantage as rates may be higher than standard Medicare. On the other hand, reflecting the name “Medicare Advantage”, this can be a big improvement over an individual’s standard Medicare rates. One website called offers free online rates for these plans.

What Part C plans are available?

Many Medicare Part A and B private insurance companies meet a variety of needs except the hospice, which is insured by the original Medicare, even if you prefer to be insured by a Part C or Advantage plan. The plan you choose will ultimately depend on which doctors and hospitals you prefer to visit, whether these providers are in the network of a specific plan and what rate you are willing to pay for your insurance. For PPO (Preferred Provider Organization) and HMO (Health Maintenance Organizations), you must choose doctors from your plan network, or your costs to visit these doctors will increase.

Why Enroll in Medicare Part C?

Medicare Part C offers those who prefer to buy a private firm insurance plan and still get the same rewards as those of the original Medicare. Best Medicare Advantage plans can also provide rewards that Original Medicare does not offer, such as insurance for vision, hearing, dentistry, and wellness programs. Instead of having to pay for each of these services individually, they can be included in your plan. Although you are not automatically enrolled in Medicare Part D, this is usually part of these Advantage Plans to ensure you have the prescription drug insurance you need.